Jolera Brand Guidelines  


Welcome to our brand guidelines. Thank you for your interest in Jolera! In this guide, you’ll find our guidelines for using Jolera’s brand assets. Take a look at our guideline below to help you determine the best way to use our assets and get to know us!

Jolera Logos

Our communication makes use of
two distinct logos. These appear in different combinations depending on our
audience and the type of communication.


Our brand uses a distinct colour palette to represent our brand personality. Our brand colours can be seen on our website, advertisements, logos and more.


Our typography plays a vital role in helping set the tone of our communications. We use two different typefaces to help establish our voice. 

Product Logos

Each of our products are represented by logos that use a specific colour and image to provide a general snapshot of what each solution is about.  

Images (Coming Soon)

The images we use are important in depicting our brand. We like to use clean images with personality in all our communications for consistency.  

Brand Guideline PDF

This guideline outlines our brand identity and style. Learn about the elements that make up our brand, how to use them and see examples of our brand in action. 

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